After the story of the Agbekoya comes their heir
Even the Madiba journey through the cold coast
Everyone of them path-this-part, the journey world
Tell me you don’t hear of the story, anyone of a hero?
Their efforts and labour is now truly gone, gone for life
Taking a deep breath for my usual night meditation
When all hands and legs of the world is so paralyzed
My thought every night, what if the world never wakes
Then I’m nothing! Nothing without others around you
This seems like a dead talk but really is of great point
History counting on us, yesterday will never be again
To work through the walk of today will make it better
One day,we will be moved by hands and not our legs
Like the drop of leaves, we will leave not to live again
Sleeping is like dying, if you are back, so good for you
When you yawn to see the day, a soul is gone to grave
We will all be saying, he said good night during farewell
Like the flowing river, nobody will look aback to another
History counting on man, when will our chapter be gone?
I know not the day nor the next seconds, minutes to hour
I know not, I can’t say, Not even a prediction, not at all
For the melodious dance in heaven is for the righteous
Just as the melancholic tone of hell is there for the bad
Life and living will cease to exist one day, try to adjust
Shake-off the lies, welcome the soul to the true reality
Nothing last for long, not even a juicy sound of a gong
Just like the Lagos visit of Sai-Baba will witness an end
We will regain our roads like a truthful man for heaven
Remember, the usage will never last till the end of time
The more we live, the closer we are to that day to leave
The heart want a real beautiful wife, we will all be gone
The body to wear the best clothing, we will all be gone
The legs for shoes that is trending, we will all be gone
The party flourish with sauce of wine, we will be gone
A separate car for different outing, we will all be gone
Our meals come all the way Dubai, we will all be gone
Just like we’re gone during the night thinking we slept
Adieu to all sleeping dead, hoping to be here tomorrow!
Cherish every moment as it goes in just a mil-seconds
Top Media Nigeria Poet, Hameed
Poet, Abdulhameed Safiu
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