What Can I Say?

What Can I Say?
Photo Courtesy: Global Alliance For The Right of Nature

When nature overturn life to terror

Many souls gone with their dreams
Nobody to this rescue of their cry
I tried to make my pen their savior
Only to be jackout by the real sword
From life, living is going too tedious
While stronger, the weakened we are
What are words of sword in our arsenal
From Mars to Jupiter, here comes the cry
Innocent and suffering, the dead we count
The more we cry so grows this death calls
Like in abattoir, Here is our state of mind
Kicking many off the track of good living
So much cry, from sons to our daughters
So much cry, from wives to their husbands
So much cry, even my pen now in tears
What can i write, what can I say to life
Seems speech is free, freedom is scarce
Only the affected knows the pinch pains
Like the dead sea, no one sees the end
Like the heaven’s call, it makes us cry
Not yet Uhuru, this course is like a cause
Hitting the world from generation to next
Like an inferno, Somalian feeling the heat
Like an horror, Borno now a state of terror
Like a landslide, the world is panicking
All around the globe, peace now in pieces
The outbreak of Corona shattered our peace
If I could help with my pen! What can I say?
Top Media Nigeria Poet, Hameed
© Poet, Safiu Abdulhameed