From the beginning of life comes the light
Showing us the act of man through creation
We all arrive through the root of Adam & Eve
Many words lost to the pain from their path
If you ask anyone, how did the gong fell off
We all don’t understand nature but it’s Divine
Originally by nature, love started from creation
The two ancestors agreed to go wrong together
In one voice, the forbidden fruit gave birth to life
Giving way to the existence of life and mankind
Things become so real when the eyes witness it
Oooo… This is more than life but it’s of pleasure
How do we go by not making ours another error?
You will know if it is real or another wrong fruit
By words of the mouth, by the act of kindness
Many pain of then is affecting our new days
Even when the truth walk before our open eyes
The mind will be casted back to the time of then
Moment of true love comes in irony of disguise
You will be confused on what step to take next
Asking through solilo… If it’s truly the real deal
Words coming from far and near for the answer
But you won’t understand the meaning of love
Thinking through the days of the garden of Eden
It all started with deceit & it ended in deep pain
Never mind, when things become so true for real
Our heart will never beat for a doubt to our mind
The atmosphere of new live will set in as breeze
Cooling off our brain for the call of his attention
You will be up to laugh and smile all around time
Then you will realize love is real but not perfect
Many things will fall in place like the jungle life
Where the cool breeze of life make it the forest
Through your eyes and his, love will live forever
Nothing will be forbidden, here is not the garden!
It won’t be perfect, nature will make it compose
Through the nuptial, the story becomes real…
Top Media Nigeria Poet, Hameed
Abdulhameed O. Safiu
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