Why TV Shows Get Cancelled

Ever wondered why your favourite TV show gets cancelled? Here's why

The cancellation of Forever was a surprise. IMAGE CREDIT: next-episode.net

Without notice, your favourite TV shows and programs can just be announced as cancelled! You would find no adequate reason given nor a promise of a future reboot. It just gets shut down and leave many reactions and protests online from fans.

In television, cancellation refers to the termination of a program or series by a network, typically because of financial struggle, low ratings, low viewership and harsh critics’ reviews.

Other potential reasons for termination of such programs include controversies involving cast of the program, making room for other network programme with better rating, and also controversy about storyline either resembling another network story or a patent work.

Some shows are stopped due to mutual creative decisions by its creator, producer, cast or the airing network are not considered to be cancelled rather than “concluded” or “ended”. Most series like that have a final episode called season finale which might be abruptly concluded. Sometimes, it is left open for another network to continue the story.

Shows like Greys anatomy, The Big Bang Theory and some prominent series that kept renewing because of their good ratings and positive critical reviews. Also, their good and constant viewership tend to survive in the TV show business. That help them with renewals. Agent of SHEILD have low ratings, yet it keeps getting renewed because of the viewership and financial boost it gets from it’s network.

A low rated show like Forever was given a full season to really entrench itself audiences’ heart and then it was given the axe after so much goodness.. IMAGE CREDIT: tvseriesfinale.com

TV series like Forever got cancelled even though the series was ranked best television series by voters online in several polls. ABC (network) cited show’s live ratings. But many critics believed that other factors like court case was responsible. There exist an issue with the storyline, as it’s title is also the title of a 2003 novel by Pete Hamil – with the same premise as well.

Designated Survivor” had a tough second season ratings-wise IMAGE CREDIT: Twitter

Recently, Designated Survivor was cancelled, which caused uproar among fans online, leading to them writing petition to continue the Show. The network already announced its cancellation. However, they left the show open for other networks to pick up from where it stopped.

From ratings to financial crisis and dispute, TV shows would be created and cancelled. We should watch, enjoy and simply hope our favourite shows don’t get cancelled.

By: Agunbiade Gafar Olanrewaju


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