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Zahed Mohamed – Cindy Merlo And Other Ball Sports Partners

Lovebirds who escort each other to glory

Zahed Mohamed and Cindy Merlo


While at the just-concluded Chamberlain Squash Open, Zahed Mohamed and Cindy Merlo could not replicate the achievement of Ali Farag and Nour El Tayeb to win the same major singles title on the same day, the love birds were an attraction.

At the last US Open squash, Farag and Tayeb won their first major World Series titles, thereby becoming the first husband and wife in sporting history to do so within 24 hours.

Farag kisses Tayeb (Image Source: www.chamberlainsquash.com)

Although, unlike the Egyptian couple, Mohammed & Merlo are not yet officially married, still, both players act like Mr and Mrs.

Mohamed, a multiple PSA World Tour title winner, is from an Arab nation; while Merlo is European. This does not deter the lovebirds at all.

Merlo is just 20 years old, but you can tell she is deeply in love with Mohamed. Always clutching at him, even by the court-side. It seems Mohamed drew strength from regularly seeing her by the court-side as he thrashed all his opponents to claim glory! During his matches, she is his coach, as well as supporter. They do not hide their affection; they display it openly.

In fact, everyone who throughout was present at the 6 days action-packed event noticed them.

Aside Farag and Tareg, Mohamed and Merlo, Top Media Nigeria presents to you two other ball sports partners.


Gabby and Chris  in celebration  mode (Image Source: Daily Mail)

British badminton players Gabby and Chris Adcock won mixed doubles gold together at the 2014 Commonwealth Games and at the 2017 European Badminton Championships.


Same-sex partner,  Helen and Kate Richardson-Walsh (Image Source: Evening Standard)

At Rio last year, hockey players Helen and Kate Richardson-Walsh became the first married couple to win Olympic gold together for Britain since sailors Cyril and Dorothy Wright in 1920.


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