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“Shocking”: Top Nigerian Social Entrepreneur Stunned As He Finds Lots of Insects In Nestle’s Golden Morn

A prominent social entrepreneur, Michael Taiwo, has said he found “lots of” weevils in Nestle’s Golden Morn purchased from Nigeria, TOP MEDIA NIGERIA reports.

In a tweet on Saturday, June 1, 2024, on his verified X (formerly Twitter) handle, a shocked Taiwo posted a picture of the allegedly infested product.

The US-based Nigerian who has over 40,000 followers narrated:

“So, I brought Nestle’s Golden Morn from Nigeria. I just opened it now to feed my kids and guess what, it has weevils! Like, lots of them. I’ve never seen insects inside a sealed cereal package before so this is quite shocking to me.

“I tried to play it down to my kids, I told them it’s “protein” that we ate beans with insects in them growing up, they would have none of that. They kept shouting ‘bugs! bugs! There are bugs in the Golden Morn!’

“We buy Golden Morn on Amazon here and I’ve never seen bugs in them. I’m still shocked. How can weevils make it into a processed food? What is the quality control like at Nestle Nigeria? Who is the regulatory body that supposed to be checking these things? Nafdac?”

“I’m completely disappointed. It will take a long time to restore my kids’ trust in a bagged cereal from Nigeria now.”

Furthermore, Taiwo warned that “if this continues, it is only a matter of time before US customs put it (Nestle’s Golden Morn) on the banned substance list”.

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