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How To Achieve Academic Excellence – First-Class Nigerian Student, Mr. Nigeria

AbdulAzeez Alamu, fondly called ‘Mr. Nigeria’, graduated with first-class (4.59) at the University of Ilorin (UNILORIN) during the 2020/2021 session.

In this interview with TOP MEDIA, he shared tips to prospective and current tertiary institution students on how to emulate him.


What was the secret to you graduating as a scholar?

I don’t think it happened without God’s predestination. So, Allah’s Qadar (destiny) is the secret, coupled with that, I’d say effective determination and self-belief. I believed I can do it and I never relent on working towards the set agenda to making it work. Alhamdulillah, it’s a dream come true.

What was your reading pattern like?

I don’t read because others are reading. I find my motivation from my dreamed goal. In the face of so many extra-curricular activities, the moment I remember I’m relenting on my efforts, I drive more energy into studies.

Before starting any session, I always have a planned Grade for each course I’m to enroll myself for, most of whom I always tagged with As and some, I tagged with Bs and nothing less than that. I read at my most convenient times which can be twice or thrice a week but at very long hours at a go but from a week to exams till it’s over, I stay in the classroom throughout studying day and night.

AbdAzeez, ‘Mr. Nigeria’

At what point did you start making conscious efforts to make sure you graduate with excellent grades?

Before I gained admission. I’ve already love Governance and Public Administration hence I’ve been studying government as a subject effectively since secondary school. Before I gained admission to study Public Administration at The Polytechnic, Ibadan, I’d it in mind to graduate with Distinction but I couldn’t achieve though it’s a narrow escape, but I was so determined to make it happen at the University of Ilorin immediately I resumed 100 Level. Upon resumption, there arrived so many downturns and negative advice from different senior colleagues based on precedents, but I never allowed them to weigh down my efforts because I because the fact that I have a B or C in a course or even F doesn’t mean another student can’t record plain A in that same course. So, it was an already planned goal.

What advice would you give to students who want to achieve academic excellence like you?

Time Management is the first key. Every student’s desire independence in higher institutions but the smartest are those who learn to manage their time very well amidst different activities. I’ve scholars who also went on clubbing every weekend and some on sports, I preferred extracurricular activities that relates to volunteering in humanity, and I was fully engulfed in it. Students should learn to manage their time very well, have a clear agenda of what they intend to take away from campus, attend classes regularly, consult different academic sources for more knowledge on their field and learn to read in all situations no matter the circumstances. Dedication and Determination to the set agenda to take away from campus is very important.

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