2023 Election: Tope AbdurRazaq Balogun Upbeat, Expresses Confidence In AA’s Victory

Six days to the much-anticipated 2023 election, the governorship candidate of the Action Alliance (AA) in Lagos State, Tope AbdurRazaq Balogun, has expressed confidence in winning the race.

TOP MEDIA reports that the optimism of the AA candidate comes against the backdrop of negative propaganda laced with cheap blackmail targeted at him.

He told this platform on Sunday: “A vote for me is not a waste but a plus to getting me to the exalted office meant to create comfort to the populace which is what our Lagos REBIRTH Agenda represents being a Populist ideologue.

“Vote for a New and better Lagos and not the mediocrity we all know of without mincing words.

“Profiling people and negative propaganda laced with cheap blackmail won’t stop us from clinching the seat of power with those votes you tagged “wasted”.

“We believe in God and rely on Him as much as we have done our efforts sincerely without an iota of pessimism.”

He added: “Politicians will keep playing with your minds to gain your votes with false narratives. What has changed since the last election outside the regular PDP votes being switched to LP.

“For those that have their trust in my ability, be rest assured that we will deliver votes that will beat all of them to their game. Never mind any naysayer and decisively add your votes to what we are anticipating as every vote will count.

“Many of the government beneficiaries will take decisions to keep their paymasters in power while they peddle unfounded rumours to sway your mind so you can vote for ineptitude instead of competence, they will want you to vote for wickedness instead of compassion, they will push you to vote for irreligious person instead of the religious, they will promote continuity of godfatherism instead of the people’s governor.

“Let’s carry on my brethren as we shall win with lots of reasons to say Thank God the Almighty.”

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