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“Eid-el-Kabir, A Period To Recommit To Allah’s Wills, Share Love, Give Charity”, Says MAPAMA President, Prince Oyeniyi

Prince Taofeek Oyeniyi, the National President of the Moshood Abiola Polytechnic Abeokuta Muslim Alumni (MAPAMA) has expressed gratitude to God for His mercy on believers as people.

Prince Oyeniyi’s thoughts were conveyed in a statement he signed which was made available to TOP MEDIA on Tuesday, June 27.

Oyeniyi, while wishing Muslims a peaceful celebration, also prayed for Nigeria to flourish.

The statement reads:

“As Muslims all over the world celebrate the 1445AH Eid-el-Kabir, I rejoice with the Moshood Abiola Polytechnic Abeokuta Muslim Alumni (MAPAMA) members, at home and abroad, and most significantly, the entire Muslim Ummah in Nigeria and the world over, on this significant festivity period.

“I’m delighted and full of thanks to Allah for making us and our families to be part of this very important spiritual festival.

“To this end, I wish all Muslims across the globe a smooth, peaceful, successful and highly rewarding celebration.

“However, as we celebrate, I wish to admonish that we should not lose some of the significant lessons that come with the season to its merry-makings.

“First, I urge the Muslims to recommit themselves to Allah’s commandments, in all aspects of our daily life. I can confirm that here lies the sought peace and success in this life and ultimately hereafter. We should remember that Prophet Ibrahim (AS) and his son, Ismail totally submitted and committed themselves to Allah’s will. Although, the experience at the beginning of their trial, was tough, frightening and worrisome, but in the end, they became victorious.

“We should note that the success that emanated from their resilience, commitment and dedication to Allah’s desire are what we mark and celebrate today. I therefore urge fellow Muslim faithful to replicate the same in thoughts, conducts and daily interactions.

“Similarly, as we slaughter our sacrificial animals, we should, as Allah enjoined us in the Quran, be gripped by His fear. This fear is manifested in intention to always seek Allah’s pleasure in all our actions and dealings.

“Following this, I call on Nigerian Leaders to prioritize the interest of the masses in all of their actions and policies. The leaders should shun greed, crave and temptation to amass public wealth for personal use, as well as impunity, all of which are the misgivings that had frustrated the socio-economic development of the country in the past. Now, it’s time, Nigeria should and must rise again, and stop living under the guise of her old glory!

“On the part of followers, I urge Nigerians to embrace unity and spread it across board. In particular, I charge Muslims to be the advocates of a united and peaceful Nigeria. Share love and give charity ceaselessly, as much as you can. We can’t do less, as this is part of obligations rested on us as Muslims.

“Once again, as we celebrate, I wish my fellows in faith a blissful Salah and wish Nigeria a prosperous future.”

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