New PSPAN President, Wasiu Bello Promises To Boost Squash’s Reputation In Nigeria

Wasiu Bello is the newly-elected President of the Professional Squash Players Association of Nigeria (PSPAN). He takes over from diaspora-based athlete, Babatunde Ajagbe.

In this short interview with TOP MEDIA, Bello, 34, speaks about his desire to give squash in the country “great awareness”.


TOP MEDIA: What are your plans for squash players in Nigeria and what are the things you hope to do differently from your predecessors?

Bello: I aim to foster a good spirit among all squash players and lovers, basically by working with the official squash body and squash clubs.

TOP MEDIA: How do you intend to help the junior players?: U-13, U-16 and U-19.

Bello: I hope to promote squash at the grassroots level, and also upcoming tournaments, to get to as many people involved as possible.

TOP MEDIA: With respect to funding top local players to enable them participate in tournaments abroad, how would you help?

Bello: By His grace, I’d help through society fundraisers. Remember, my key mission is to increase the awareness of PSPAN and what we do.

TOP MEDIA: What is your general message to squash stakeholders in Nigeria?

Bello: I want to thank them all for the love and support shown to the association over the years. We promise to repay their good gestures.

Enjoy the game, play safe, and stay safe. Have some lifelong memories to take away too. Cheers.

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