Nigeria Now No.2 Best Squash-Playing Country in Africa – Onas Declares

World No. 159, Adegoke Onaopemipo, has said Nigeria taking 15th place at the 2023 World Squash Federation (WSF) Men’s World Team Squash Championship shows that the country has “got more work to put in place”.

Onaopemipo, popularly called Onas, told TOP MEDIA that Team Nigeria’s main goal was to make the top 10 in New Zealand, “however, finishing in No.15 is also a step further”.

The athlete declared that Nigeria’s defeat of South Africa in their last match puts them just behind Egypt, the best squash-playing nation in Africa.

He said: “At the last festival of squash which is the World Team Championship in 2019 which took place in Washington, we came 23rd in the world. 15th place is not where it ends.

“We the players and the federation president, in person of Mr Boye Oyerinde, are ready to give it all it takes to take Nigeria higher on the ladder.

“What made us pleased was winning our last match against South Africa. For that reason, we’ve taken the spot of second place in Africa, which has also been a debate over the years.”

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