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“Baale Ashiwaju-Dada Is A Gentle Giant”: Prince Adesegun Ogungbayi Lauds Lagos Traditional Chief

Baale Kehinde Hassan Akerele Ashiwaju-Dada recently marked his 5th Coronation Anniversary, and the community has celebrated this significant milestone with a series of programs designed to uplift the Ashiwaju-Dada Kingdom.

TOP MEDIA had the privilege to speak with Prince Adesegun AbdulMujeeb Ogungbayi, the Board Chairman of MIMS Educational Services, Project Coordinator of Academic Excellence Initiative (AEI), and several other prominent positions, who shared insights into this grand celebration and the esteemed figures receiving Chieftaincy titles.

Prince Adesegun AbdulMujeeb Ogungbayi

TOP MEDIA: Can you tell us more about the 5th Coronation Anniversary celebration of Baale Kehinde Hassan Akerele Ashiwaju-Dada?

Prince Ogungbayi: The occasion is a momentous one, marking the 5th year of Baale Kehinde Hassan Akerele Ashiwaju-Dada’s reign. It serves as an opportunity to enhance the lives of the communities and citizens within Ashiwaju-Dada Kingdom.

The celebration comprises a series of programs, including a Special Church Service with prayers across the township on Sunday, October 22, 2023.

Notably, Oloja Day was celebrated with grandeur on Monday, October 23, 2023, followed by other programs, including Youth Day.

TOP MEDIA: Can you introduce some of the Chiefs that Baale Kehinde Hassan Akerele Ashiwaju-Dada will be installing, and why they merit their Chieftaincy titles?

Prince Ogungbayi: The Ashiwaju-Dada Traditional Council, under the leadership of Baale Kehinde Hassan Akerele Ashiwaju-Dada, meticulously selected these Chiefs.

Among them, Engr. Kayode Ashiwaju-Dada will be installed as the Balogun of Ashiwaju-Dada Kingdom. He is an exceptional business administrator, serving as the Chief Executive Officer of Honeywell Voltren Limited, President of Vintage Cars Nigeria, and the President of the Able Men Society of Nigeria.

Engr. Kayode Ashiwaju-Dada, the leading Chief Balogun
The Balogun Chief Kayode Ashiwaju-Dada

Another notable figure is Alhaji Abdulkadri Bhadmus, who will become the Aare Oga-Ilu of Ashiwaju-Dada Kingdom.

Alhaji AbdulKadri Bhadmus

He is the Chief Accountant of African Independent Television (AIT) and also holds positions as the Chairman of the Muslim Community of AIT and the Chairman of Area 1 Muslim Central Mosque. His philanthropic endeavours have earned him a distinguished reputation.

Hon. Chief Akerele Salawudeen Idowu, a business magnate and Managing Director of SIA Supreme Resources, will take on the role of BASHORUN OF ASHIWAJU DADA KINGDOM. He also served as the former Secretary (SLG) to Agege Local Government in Lagos State.

Alhaja Chief (Mrs.) Ademefun Adenike Risikat is set to become the IYALODE OF ASHIWAJU DADA KINGDOM. She is the CEO of Nikky Tastee Events and General Merchant and has previously been installed as Yeyeoge Yeyeoba Iyasuna.

Alhaja Chief Risikat Adenike Ademefun, Iyalode of Ashiwaju-Dada Kingdom
Chief Kehinde Anthony Ogogome Begusa, Aare Atunluse Ashiwaju-Dada Kingdom

Chief Begusa Anthony Ogogome Kehinde will be installed as the Aare Atunluse of Ashiwaju-Dada Kingdom. He is an international business tycoon, CEO of His Grace Ventures in Lagos, and serves as the Chairman of the Paint Dealers’ Association of Nigeria.

Chief Dada-Are Kehinde O, a distinguished staff member of The Bells University of Ota, will take on the role of Erelu of Ashiwaju-Dada Kingdom.

Hon. Ariwoola Olagoke is the owner and Chairman/Managing Director and an internationally acclaimed real estate owner known as Shubby De J Property. The real estate enterprise is headquartered in Lagos.

Chief AbdulAzeem Ademola Ogungbayi, the incoming Baale of Ashiwaju-Dada Kingdom; Chief Moses Idowu, the incoming Akogun of the Kingdom; Chief Mrs. Mujidat Adeleye, the incoming Yeye Ilu of Ashiwaju-Dada Kingdom; Chief Olubo Idowu, the incoming Odofin of Ashiwaju-Dada Kingdom; and Chief Fatiu Aina, the incoming Aare Ajaguna of Ashiwaju-Dada Kingdom.

Others are Chief Mrs. Bolanle Kareem, Iya Afin of Ashiwaju-Dada Kingdom, Chief Mrs Esther I. F. Akin- Bhadmus Yeye Aare Oga-Ilu of Ashiwaju-Dada, Chief Lukman Ayanrinola Ajiroba of Ashiwaju-Dada Kingdom, Chief Akanni Akins Adewuyi Baagbimo of Ashiwaju-Dada Kingdom, Chief (Mrs) Adetutu Ariwoola Moremi Ashiwaju-Dada Kingdom, Chief Mrs. Falilat Ogunbiyi, Iya Abiye of Ashiwaju-Dada Kingdom, Chief Olaosebikan Oluwalose Tayese of Ashiwaju-Dada, Chief Amzat Saheed Asiwaju Odo of Ashiwaju-Dada Kingdom, Chief Mrs. Olasunbo Oseni Iyaloja of Ashiwaju-Dada Kingdom, and Amb. Chief Adedipe Dauda Ewenla, Aare Adimula of Ashiwaju-Dada Kingdom.

TOP MEDIA: How would you describe Baale Kehinde Hassan Akerele Ashiwaju-Dada and his role in Ashiwaju-Dada Kingdom?

Prince Ogungbayi: Baale Kehinde Hassan Akerele Ashiwaju-Dada has been a gentle giant in his efforts to elevate the status of the people within Ashiwaju-Dada Kingdom and its surroundings. He holds a deep affection for people of all ages and backgrounds, from the elderly to the youth.

TOP MEDIA: What message would you like to convey to the government?

Prince Ogungbayi: I would like to seize this opportunity to call upon the state government, under the leadership of Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, to support the remarkable initiatives of our Baales. These initiatives span various sectors, including security, education, and the development of essential infrastructure like good roads.

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