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2024 World Environment Day:  Stakeholders Urge Relevant Agencies to Strengthen Existing Environmental Laws in Lagos

Engr. Yusuf Majolagbe, the Chairman of the Lagos Chapter of the Nigeria Institution of Environmental Engineers (NIEE), has urged the state government to “speedily approve” the building code which requires the reservation of 30% of unbuilt compound space as green areas.

Speaking recently in Lagos at a press briefing in commemoration of the 2024 World Environmental Day themed ‘Land restoration, Desertification, and Drought Resilience’, Engr. Majolagbe highlighted pressing environmental issues which he said need urgent attention. 

He explained that desertification, for instance, affects 35% of Nigeria’s total land mass, and is a threat to the livelihood of over 40 million people living in the country.

His words:

“This (building code and regulation) would enable Lagos residents to commit individually to restoring our land — not just for today, but for our generation.

“It is about rejuvenating the land to its full potential. It means returning vitality to our soil, bringing back native vegetation, and reviving ecological processes that sustain life.

“A healthy land is a resilient land, and (it) is capable of withstanding the pressure of climate change and human activities.”

Land restoration: NIEE national chairman speaks on key elements of reviving earth

On his part,  Engr Nureni Adegboyega, the National Chairman of the NIEE, called for the empowerment of local communities with knowledge and resources to implement sustainable practices through improved soil fertility, efficient water management, and diversifying crops by strengthening the policies. Doing these, Adegboyega, said, would “revert” desertification.

He noted that the research and investment in early warning systems, enhancement of water conservation techniques, and implementation of drought-resistant agricultural practices, are essential.

Engr Adegboyega said:

“The Lagos state government, the private sector, and civil societies must work together to implement policies and practices that promote sustainable land use and build resilience against desertification.

“As we commemorate the World Environment Day 2024, let us recognise the interdependence of land restoration.”

Meanwhile, at the programme, winners in the Higher Institution Essay Competition put together by the NIEE Lagos State Chapter, were rewarded with cash prizes. The winner, Odoziaku Obaro, went home with a hundred thousand naira; the runner-up, Oyedeji Oladimjei, got N75,000, while the third-place finisher was gifted N50,000.

Check out some photos from the event below:

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