Dayo Israel Under Fire Over Comments On 2023 Governorship Election

The National Youth Leader of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), Dayo Israel, is under fire from many Twitter users over his comments asking Lagos State appointees to compulsory deliver their ward in the forthcoming gubernatorial election.

TOP MEDIA reports that in a now-deleted tweet, Israel seemed to threaten Lagos appointees to unavoidably deliver their ward on March 11.

This comment didn’t go down well with many social media users as many criticised the APC Youth Leader.

Journalist Fisayo Soyombo wrote: “This is how people become desperate to rig elections — putting them in a position where they tie someone else’s victory to their own livelihood.”

One user wrote: “@DayoIsreal a devil in human form. Waiting to laugh.”

Babatope said: “Threatening people with their jobs, tell me what is more despicable from a so-called national youth leader. I’m sorry for the youths he is leading.”

Mofe Ejegi wrote: “If you put a man’s livelihood on the line like this, please tell me how rigging and violence won’t erupt during the electoral process? It’s statements, charges and rhetorics like this that make me want to vote out the ruling powers in many places. This is a horrendous precedent!”

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