LIFE: Popular Alaba Food Vendor Turns Pornstar [PICS]

A young Nigerian female pornstar, identified only as Confidence, is a former food vendor at the popular Alaba international market in Ojo, Lagos State, TOP MEDIA reports.

Impeccable sources told this media platform that Confidence prepares and sells ready-to-eat food to the public at the famous electronics market.

She switched to porn in December 2022 and has appeared in at least two videos of a leading local adult movie production company. Her videos were sighted on a well-known x-rated website.

Food vendor turn porn actress, Confidence
A screengrab of Confidence on a porn movie set

A source who only shared his last name, Nwaeze, said tersely: “I know her. Her name is Confidence. She used to be a food vendor at Alaba.”

Another source, Eric Sunny, corroborated Nwaeze: “With all those her shakara (means pride) at Alaba, she ended up in the porn industry. It is her problem anyway.”

Porn content viewership in Nigeria

The presentation of sexually explicit images and videos has become commonplace in contemporary society. What was once regarded as a taboo is now being churned out by Nigerians and consumed by a lot of citizens of the country, albeit largely covertly.

Per a recent survey, Nigerian-based individuals have been identified as one of the largest viewers of pornographic websites globally.

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