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Fountain of Life Foundation Provides Solar-powered Boreholes to Makoko

Makoko Community, a riverine slum on the coast of Mainland Lagos is set to receive a solar-powered borehole from an NGO, the Fountain of Life Foundation, as part of its contribution to the ongoing primary school being constructed in the community. This is in line with the foundation’s mission to support children’s education initiatives and execute community-empowering projects.

TOP MEDIA reports that the Fountain of Life Foundation is a group of energetic and enthusiastic young individuals led by Olu Bendega and united to effect positive change in society.

The organisation embarked on an initiative to help less privileged children in Makoko, one of the largest slums in Africa access schooling opportunities.

Situated along the waterfront in the heart of Lagos, Nigeria, Makoko is believed to house more than 200,000 residents, many of whom endure challenging living conditions.

Of every 20 individuals under the age of 30 in Makoko, five are unable to read or write, while 14 have received education up to primary or secondary level. Limited access to educational institutions within the settlement contributes significantly to this educational disparity, highlighting the urgent need for increased educational opportunities and amenities.

The President of the Foundation, Olu Bendega, said that they are determined to bridge this gap by providing a solar-powered 1.5HP borehole to the ongoing school project, which will serve to provide clean, drinkable water to both the students, and members of the community at large, helping to improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of residents.

Acknowledging the donation, Prince Taiwo Shemade, the prince of Makoko, expressed gratitude to the NGO for their generous support towards the school. He seized the moment to call upon other compassionate Nigerians to extend their assistance to the students in need, emphasizing that every contribution, no matter how small, would make a significant difference.

Established in December 2020, the Fountain of Life Foundation, an expression of the God Chasers Nation, founded by Robert Akinrolabu, was conceived with a vision to impact young children and inspire a new generation of leaders through mentorship, empowerment and financial & spiritual support. Over the past year, the foundation has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to addressing issues such as skill learning and youth development through leadership and mentorship programs. Through a series of seminars and workshops, the foundation aims to empower youths, providing them with the necessary support to pursue successful careers and achieve their full potential.

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