ISWAP Terrorists’ Bomb Kills Several Nigerian Soldiers In Borno

Five Nigerian soldiers died after their vehicle hit a bomb suspected to have been planted by the Islamic State West Africa (ISWAP) terrorists near the border with Niger Republic.

TOP MEDIA reports that according to security sources on Wednesday, the unit was on a routine patrol in Laayi village near Damasak in Borno State on Monday when they drove over a mine.

Per a militia leader, Babakura Kolo, the soldiers set off an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) suspected to have been planted by ISWAP.

The explosion “killed all five troops on board”, he said.

This media platform understands that the outlaws had attacked the village (Laayi) the previous night, kidnapping four residents including the local chief and planting the explosives while retreating.

A second militia leader, Ibrahim Liman, gave the same account and death toll as Kolo.

The militiamen, who fight alongside the military, were not present during the incident but said they were briefed on the matter.

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