How UBA’s ‘Insider Fraud’ Turned Mother Of Three To ‘Beggar’ In Lagos

Chioma Onyeama, a Lagos State resident, has alleged that an insider fraud was carried out on her United Bank for Africa (UBA) account on November 22.

TOP MEDIA reports that Onyeama told the Foundation for Investigative Journalism (FIJ) that she received three alerts for an unauthorised N425,000 debit on her UBA account.

This media platform gathered that this Lagos resident had always initiated her transfers via the bank’s online banking platform, Leo.

Prior to the unauthorised deduction, Onyeama said she had successfully transferred N5000 to a friend, only for her to lose N425,000 that same day.

“Not long after receiving the debit alert for the N5000 transfer, an alert of N200,000 came on my phone,” she said. “While I was looking at the details on the alert, I got another N200,000 alert, and then the last one which was N25,000.”

Onyeama stated that she immediately reported the incident to UBA via a phone call and was told that a recovery action had commenced.

“I also lodged a complaint to the bank’s fraud help desk and was told to check back in 10 days’ time,” she said.

“However, when I called the bank 12 days later, hoping for a favourable response, I was told that a mail had been sent to Moneypoint but no response. This has been their response each time I called the bank.

“I have been on it since then, yet my money is yet to be reversed.

“I am a mother with three kids, and I lost my job recently, hoping to start a business in January.

“Since this incident happened, I’ve been begging friends and family for aid. I am pleading with UBA to refund my money.”

When contacted via phone, a customer experience expert of the financial institution advised that the affected customer reach out to the bank for further assistance.

“I will strongly advise that the customer kindly give us a call so we can further assist her with it because I cannot disclose the customer’s information.

“If she is with you, I can speak with her so we can assist her from our end,” the UBA representative said.

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