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Real Reason Finland Is Doing Nothing About Simon Ekpa – Adamu Garba

Former Nigerian presidential contender, Adamu Garba says Finland is “doing nothing” to arrest and prosecute a factional leader of the outlawed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Simon Ekpa for terrorism because of the double standards of the western world.

TOP MEDIA reports that recently, Ekpa has been pronouncing a sit-at-home order in the eastern states of Nigeria from February 23 to 28.

The presidential and national assembly elections in Nigeria are slated to hold this Saturday (February 25).

Amid repeated calls from state actors and members of the ruling government for the Finnish authorities to arrest Ekpa, the European country where he is believed to be based, said while they are watching to see how this fits into the legal framework of Finland, the personality in question is a double citizen and there is a need to take his rights into consideration.

“Western relationship with Nigeria has always been double standard,” Garba told Russian TV in an interview at the weekend.

“It is either what Simon Ekpa is doing is not threatening their interest, or is serving their interest. So to that effect, they will fold their arms, and let whatever it is happen.

“If they really care about democracy, the best they need to do is to make sure that that guy is apprehended, and perhaps submitted down to Nigeria so that he can face the justice of Nigeria.”

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