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Now It’s Time For Governance, By Gabriel Omisore

The uncertainty surrounding governance and the seat of power in Nigeria officially ended last Thursday when the Supreme Court reaffirmed the electoral victory of President Bola Tinubu, putting an end to the chasing of shadows that had followed the February 25 presidential polls, by the presidential candidates of the PDP and Labour Party, Atiku Abubakar and Peter Obi, respectively. This landmark decision marks a turning point in the political landscape of Nigeria, providing much-needed closure to a period of post-election ambiguity.

Not taking much away from the duo, the former Vice President, Abubakar, and his counterpart, Obi, did what is expected of any democrat in a democracy – testing the laws through the judiciary. Kudos must be given to them for seeing the matter through to the Supreme Court, an attestation to how progressive Nigeria has become. Their commitment to the legal process demonstrates a belief in the democratic institutions that underpin the nation’s governance. It is a testament to the strength of Nigeria’s judicial system that it can handle such high-stakes cases with transparency and fairness.

However, the distractions that came with the litigations were not a needed one. While there will always be aggrieved parties after every election, and it is within individual rights to seek redress at the courts, Nigerians must be thankful that the whole litigations have ended.

The protracted legal battle, filled with political rhetoric and accusations, undoubtedly created a sense of unease among the citizens and the international community. This period of uncertainty was not conducive to addressing the pressing challenges facing Nigeria, including economic development, security concerns, and social issues.

Now, with the Supreme Court’s decision, the nation can look forward to a more stable and focused governance. President Bola Tinubu and his administration can direct their full attention towards fulfilling their electoral promises, addressing the needs of the Nigerian people, and tackling the numerous challenges that lie ahead. The distractions of the legal battles can be put behind, allowing for a more concerted effort to build a stronger and more prosperous Nigeria.

It is crucial for all political stakeholders, including the opposition parties, to recognise the finality of the Supreme Court’s ruling and respect the democratic processes that underpin the nation’s political structure. Atiku Abubakar, as an elder statesman, did not need another world press conference, as was carried out on Monday. They are distractions and Nigerians can no longer afford to be distracted.

As the nation moves forward, it is essential for all Nigerians to come together and work towards a common goal: the betterment of the country and the welfare of its people. The political differences and divisions that marked the election season should now give way to a shared commitment to progress and prosperity.

The Supreme Court’s affirmation of President Bola Tinubu’s electoral victory brings an end to a period of political uncertainty in the country. While the legal challenges were a testament to the strength of Nigeria’s democratic institutions, the distractions they created can now be put behind. It is time for us to move forward, address our challenges, and work collectively towards a more prosperous and stable future.

Lastly, Nigeria’s democracy has once again proven its resilience, and our institutions have demonstrated the ability to withstand intense scrutiny.

Omisore is a stalwart of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Osun state.

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