Reasons Why Design Software Are Important To Environmental Engineers – Dr. Sunday Egbiki

A Civil, Water, Environmental, Energy, and Cost Engineer, Dr. Sunday Egbiki, says design software are extremely important to enhance the productivity of Environmental Engineers.

TOP MEDIA reports that speaking as a guest on Wednesday at the NIEE, Lagos State Chapter’s April Technical Session, Engr Egbiki stated that modern environmental engineers work on solutions to issues like pollution reduction and cleanup, energy consumption and emissions, land erosion, water treatment and waste management in an effort to properly manage and maintain the quality of soil, water and air.

Sharing his expert view on the topic, ‘Design Software for Environmental Engineers’, the Green Building Doctor pointed out that Environmental Engineers strive to keep everyone healthier and happier by helping people live off the land more efficiently and less destructively.

To achieve these, he urged Environmental Engineers to stay up to date with useful trends.

He lists the importance of design software to Environmental Engineer to include speed, cost reduction, dynamism, and seamless communication.

He however warned against “garbage in, garbage out” approach. According to him, top quality should be the priority always.

Some of the Design Software he advised Environmental Engineers to arm themselves with have been itemised below:

❖Ecosystem Management: Hec-EFM, Hec-GeoEFM, Hec-Geoplotter
❖Meteorological Management (Weather): Hec-MetVue
❖Crop Water Management System: CWMS, Hec-RTS, Hec-RPT
❖Environmental Crops Management: CropWAT & ClimWAT
❖Urban Water Supply: EPANET, WaterCAD
❖River Engineering: River Flood, Arc-GIS, Hec-GeoRAS
❖Air Pollution Modeling: AERMOD, Envizom, CERC
❖Land Pollution Modeling: PyLUR, ArcGIS
❖Water Quality Management: WASP, Intelex, Sinay

‘Applying Scientific Principles to Improve Environment No More Tedious’ – NIEE Lagos Chairman, Majolagbe

In his remarks, the Chairman of the NIEE in Lagos State, Engr. Yusuf Majolagbe, encouraged his colleagues to be creative in devising solutions for wastewater management, water and air pollution control, recycling, waste disposal, and public health. He expressed his satisfaction with the fact that new programs are available to improve the environment.

His words: “In the past, works were drawn on paper, calculations done for days, at times weeks or months. Now, all of that have become a thing in the past. We can now design plants and sewage systems with softwares like Aqua designer and sewergem on computers in a very short time.”

Wednesday’s event was attended by NIEE fellows, members and friends of the Environment.

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