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“Let The Law Take Its Natural Course”: Mallam Yusuf Adepoju To Yesaloonaka’s Sympathizers


A bench warrant is a process or a legal document issued by the court itself or from the “bench” for the detainment or arrest of a person in a criminal or civil court proceeding, either in a case of contempt, especially when the criminal defendant is on bail or a witness under subpoena does not appear for trial

The issue of YESALUUNAKA being arrested on his return from Hajj is no more news.

What was filed was far before he traveled for Hajj. He had been arrested earlier during his examination at Al-Hikmah University. No one can file for Bench Warrant. It is exclusively the prerogative of the Court or Bench to issue it against someone who must have jumped bail and or refused to show up during court proceedings. YESALUNAKA had done this on several occasions. His surety, Alhaji Abdullahi Olohunlomerue from Ede, is completely restless due to YESALUNAKA‘s failure to appear in court after jumping bails.

Once Bench Warrant is issued on anyone, then such a person, under the law, could be arrested ANYWHERE, ANYTIME. Even at the point of death.

We should not let emotions becloud our sense of fairness. The law does not consider emotions but hard facts. Should a criminal or sinner go unpunished? Someone who admitted in front of the police that his allegations are fact-checked and can be substantiated? It would be completely insane for anyone to set YESALUNAKA free without backtracking and denouncing his allegations.

Those who claimed that Prophet Muhammed (s) forgave some people without their repentances did so after their death, out of compassion. No one wishes YESALUNAKA dead. He shall live long.

Did you know that Yesaloonaka jumped bail THREE times? Did you also know that he refused to appear before the court NINE times without any justification? Did you also know he embarrassed a DSS officer and opened him to public ridicule? Did you know that he publicly displayed the phone number of the DSS?

Do you think all these will be swept under the carpet because he was coming from Hajj? When he was doing all those “Ata kere Iyo Dun” grandstanding, when did his sympathizers advise him? Or did they remind him that every action has repercussions?

Mallam Yusuf Adepoju had said it via OniyawoMeta that he was not the one who arrested him.
YESALUNAKA has stepped on so many toes, not only Mallam and ACADIP.

My brothers and sisters, Forgiveness comes after sincere REPENTANCE or when the culprit or sinner becomes REMORSEFUL. Which one did Yesaloonaka ever do?

Someone erred, he was given TWO options of litigation or apology. He chose the former! Why then are you people this pitiful for a choice someone made for himself?
Remember he said in his popular video, and I quote ”I won’t regret the consequences of my actions on Malam Yusuf Issue”

Let the law take its natural course. Emotions and sentiments have no place in the law. Sinners will never go unpunished unless he retrace his steps, apologize and retract.

NOTE: Article written by Mallam Yusuf Adepoju, the National President of the Academy of Islamic Propagation (ACADIP).

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